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Touched Up the Links Page.
Added Additional Web Site Page Links as well.

New Image Gallery 11 Redesigned and Uploaded.
Image Gallery 5 Redone.
The CyberSpace ChampionShip Legacy Uploaded.

Billy Firehawk Profile Pages added to:
OWW (Obsessed with Wrestling)
IMDB (Internet Movie Database)
Thank you to both OWW & The IMDB.
Cyber Mags 1 & 2 both slightly tweaked.

Revised the Coloration for both RIP Floating Menus.
Added Fire/Flame GIF to separate Text from Page Links.

Billy Firehawk's RHPS Memorial Reunion Flyer Uploaded.
Rocky Horror Picture Show Live!
Event:Billy Firehawk RHPS Reunion Diner Dinner.
WHEN: Saturday Night! 8/5/2006.

Image Galleries: 1, 2, 3 Fine Tuned.
Cyber Mag 2: The Online CSWF Magazine Uploaded.
Thanks to all who signed The Guest Book or Posted a Message much appreciated.

Billy had originally requested The CSWF News Page appear as a magazine Cover.
I understood what he was asking for but had no real vision nor direction at that time.
Therefore, I simply designed a Page called The News Board.
This was a simple play on the popular Web Site Feature The Message Board.
Simple enough.
In using MS Paint, Photo Editor, and Picture it! I had access to Magazine Style templates.
I could visually see what needed to be done.
But, at that time, I was just not confident enough to attempt creating a Magazine Cover for a New Page.
I was not familar enough then working with images, layering, and design.
I learned over time and as of recently been much more focused since Billy's tragic passing.
I had the idea but was uncertain of the implementation.
In memory of Billy, I have uploaded his request.
The CSWF News Page became The Cyber Mag.
Cyber Mag: The Online CSWF Magazine.
Most online magazines are simply known as Mag.
For example, Paper Mag which is an online magazine.
I had been working on this design not all that long ago.
However, years had passed since Billy's promotion was called The CSWF.
The name of the promotion would change but work remained.
I needed to accomplish what I originally set out to do which was simply complete the work.
If only for myself, then that was enough.
I would be content.
I knew this would be great practice.
In a nut shell, I view the CSWF work as that of a training ground.
One of which I am very pleased and delighted with in retrospect.
I learned to appreciate the work experience by reflecting back on the time in The CSWF.
As with this Web Site, there was a great deal of tweaking involved in designing a News Page as a Magazine cover.
I am not 100% sure this is what Billy had in mind but the work is a sincere attempt to try and follow his wish.
I am left with a feeling of guilt as many designs finally came together after Billy's tragic passing.
I have learned to make the most of those when they are with us.
Sometimes we have to give of ourselves to make another happy be they alive or at final rest.
I am glad to have finally completed the work you requested.
Always Find the Time.
Always Take the Time .
Rest Easy Billy.
Sincerely & Respectfully to you.

New Image Galleries 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Past Show Flyers All Uploaded with New Floating Menu.
I vividly remember how excited and happy Billy was show after show releasing each flyer.
His excitement, passion, devotion, enthusiasm, as well as confidence beame stronger and stronger per card.
I could even feel the momentum starting to build.
I believe Billy began to realize the growth potential between
merging modern technology with booking top Indy Circuit pro wrestlers and those from NWA:TNA.
The Manhattan Memorial Service was a Privilege and a Pleasure to Attend.
Thank you to all those involved as well as those in attendance who made the effort to be present.
I am greatly saddened by the loss for Billy's wife Daisy as well as for other family and friends.
May there be brighter days ahead for all.

A farewell service will be held for New Jersey NWA Cyberspace promoter Billy Firehawk (William Hawkins)
on Sunday, July 30th between 3:00pm - 6:00pm at the Bibro Fine Arts Gallery, New York City
(529 West 20th St on the 4th floor, between 10th and 11th Aves.)
Hawkins died from complications of diabetes at the age of 40 on Monday, July 17th.

Billy Firehawk Sadly Passes Away at Age 40.
My most sincere condolences.
I have not updated this Tribute Web Site since December 2004.
Originally, Billy asked that I design a web site for him.
I did so as I was then the web site designer for The CSWF.
I did not know when & if I would do any updates again.
I had intended to but had no immediate reason to do so.
This was by no means the reason I was hoping for.
Please remember to appreciate those when they are with us.
If nothing else, Billy Firehawk's memory and dreams will forever be captured online.
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.
If not for Billy, then I would have never worked in Pro Wrestling at all.
I hope you had fun.  I think you did.
I never had the chance to say goodbye to you.
Honestly, I had not thought one would be needed so soon.
This is my farewell to you William.
You pursued a dream.
That is more then most can say.
Rest Peacefully.
Sincerely, Doug.

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2006 Halloween Horror Memorial Flyer.
Past Show Flyers: Halloween Horror 2002
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Cyber Mag 1: The Online CSWF Magazine.

Cyber Mag 2: The Online CSWF Magazine.
RHPS Memorial Reunion Flyer.
CyberSpace Gold.
The CyberSpace ChampionShip Legacy.

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