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Latest News: Wednesday, February 20th, 2007.
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The CSWF Halloween Horror 2003 Cyber Rumble.
"Big Poppa" Billy Firehawk wins The CSWF Internet Championship Title in the Halloween Horror 2002 Cyber Rumble set to Ska Music. This footage is courtesy of The Checkerboard Kids TV Program through the MNN Network. Phil Esquire and The Masked Mutant call the play by play action.
The CSWF New Jersey Cyber Street Fight.
From Spring Bash 2003, The CSWF Promotion, "Ice Cold" Brian Austin Vs. "The Smoke" Smokey M. and "Big Poppa" Billy Firehawk in a Cyber Street Fight.
The CSWF Tag Team of "Fire and Smoke."
From The CSWF, Spring Bash 2003, Dusty Shelton Interviews "Big Poppa" Billy Firehawk & "The Smoke" Smokey M.

Rest Easy Billy.
You've had a Busy Life.
Sincerely & Respectfully,
"Discoman" Doug Kramer.
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